Stories Of The River

Stories of the River is special series highlighting the Colorado river, supported by T.E.G., produced by KGNU’s Hannah Leigh Myers.

  • The Colorado River, A River In Distress

    “This river is a patient on life support.” Gary Wockner, Executive Director of the Save the Colorado River campaign says that we need to pay attention to the health of our rivers, particularly the Colorado River. Wockner says that the Colorado River […]
  • The Colorado’s Geography and Origins

    Stories of the River is a new series on KGNU supported by T.E.G highlighting the Colorado river. The first episode looks at the geography of the river, from its origins high up in the Rocky Mountains to the Golf of California where […]
  • The Colorado River Ecosystem

    -by Hannah Leigh Myers, as part of our special series on the Colorado River, Stories of The River. “The entire environment depends on this river being healthy” Around forty million people in 7 states use and depend on water from the Colorado […]
  • Stories of The River: The Law of the River

    It didn’t take long after the discovery of The Colorado River for man to begin writing law dividing it up for use. For nearly a century, layer upon layer of laws and agreements have created a legal framework for how […]
  • Economic Impact of the Colorado River

    Seven states and around 40 million people are dependent on the Colorado River, making it a vital economic resource. In this episode of KGNU’s Stories of the River Hannah Leigh Myers addresses the economic significance of the Colorado and how the waning […]
  • Stories of the River: Solution to Scarcity on the Colorado River

    Most of the new information being circulated about the Colorado focuses on dwindling flows, record low reservoir levels, vanishing groundwater and deteriorating river ecosystems, however, we ARE seeing successes and solutions in the fight to protect the Colorado. Earlier this […]