Outsources is KGNU’s weekly program that focuses on issues relevant to the LGBTQ community. It airs Mondays from 6:30pm-7:00pm.

  • OutSources – Horror, Camp, and The Queer Spectator with Andy Scahill

    Take a journey through horror history with film professor Andy Scahill as he schools host Elise Matatall on how delightful it is to be bad. Dr. Scahill is movie buff and queer community creator through his new film series called […]
  • OutSources: Fighting  for Equality: Greg Bourke

    Dr. Glenda Russell interviews Greg Bourke. He and his husband, Michael DeLeon were among the plaintiffs in the marriage equality suit that went from Kentucky to the US Supreme Court. Greg pushed for ten years to get the US Boy […]
  • OutSources: Remembering Dr. Janis Bohan

    Dr. Janis Bohan was a member of the OutSources collective who was a thoughtful contributor to a wide range of topics. Her intelligence, breadth and insight served with humor and cultural humility were helpful to us all. Longtime collective members […]
  • Outsources – A guidebook to fighting back and moving forward with Glenda Russell

    In the aftermath of Trump’s election, Glenda Russell, a pivotal former member of KGNU’s OutSources, was asked to give a short talk at a community gathering. This talk was a quick ‘guidebook’ for navigating the outcome of the election, staying […]
  • OutSources – Understanding the Monkeypox Virus (MPV) from Denver’s Head Epidemiologist

    Today’s show features OutSources collective members Sean Kenney and Elise Matatall discussing the monkeypox virus (MPV) with Tori Burket, the Epidemiology Program Manager at the Denver Department of Public Health and Environment (DDPHE). Tori provides a helpful overview of MPV, […]
  • OutSources – Filmmaker Taylor Neumann

    OutSources host kelly drumright talks with filmmaker Taylor Neumann about her work, including her collaboration with renowned photographer Gideon Mendel on his Burning World series.   Taylor Neumann is a filmmaker currently based in Denver, Colorado. She graduated in May […]
  • Outsources: Pleasure Activism, Somatics, and Zines with Laika Fox and Kelly Drumright

    Host Elise Matatall and co-host Kelly Drumright have a conversation with Laika Fox about their new zine entitled Spark Fire, aimed at helping folks get in touch with their desires. You can find Laika’s zine online at http://sparkfirezine.com/ and read more about […]
  • OutSources – What is an ally? A conversation with Glenda Russell and Joel Edelstein

    Join OutSources host Karen Raforth in a discussion with psychologist, historian, and activist Glenda Russell plus recent ally award winner, former KGNU news director, and current Connections host/producer, Joel Edelstein. We discuss allies. What is an ally? What are the […]
  • OutSources – Dr. Tessa Romano and Silen Wellington’s “Place Them on the Altar”

    Outsources host kelly talks with amazing artists Dr. Tessa Romano (they/them) and Silen Wellington (they/he) about their upcoming performance entitled “Place Them on the Altar,” a multi-media exploration of nonbinary identities and experiences. The performances will take place on Sunday […]
  • OutSources: Rainbows & Revolutions – A History Colorado Exhibition

    Interview with Aaron Marcus, the Gill Foundation Associate Curator of LGBTQ+ History at History Colorado. Aaron discusses Rainbows & Revolutions, a groundbreaking exhibition coming to History Colorado in June 2022 that highlights Colorado’s LGBTQ+ movement from the 1950s through today. […]

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