Zero Waste

Are You Sure You Can Compost That?

Image by Alexis Kenyon Via Dall-E On today’s A Public Affair, we gather Boulder’s waste experts and get answers to all your burning trash, recycling, and composting questions. Plus, what you should know about big changes in composting guidelines that […]

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Bargain Eats (even Pizza!) from Boulder Restaurants

On Radio Nibbles, host John Lehndorff welcomes Eddy Connor, a founder of a new Boulder-born app, Goodie Bag, which offers discounted food from Boulder restaurants and food businesses. Don’t miss the March 16 Supersized Radio Nibbles during KGNU’s Spring Membership […]

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Reusable Containers Tackle Takeout Trash

A relatively new zero waste initiative aims to partner with restaurants in Boulder to develop an alternative to take-out trash through durable, reusable, returnable takeout containers.  For KGNU’s Follow The Waste series, CU Boulder student Wyatt Brown reports. Listen: (Download […]

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