End of Life

End of Life Series: Mind the Gaps

Decades ago, when someone was dying, they would be ‘dropped off’ into hospice with very little transition.  Today, we continue to find tools and services that help people make gentle transitions into and throughout the dying process.  In this show […]

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End of Life: Living With The Truth

How would you respond to the news that you are dying?  There are many factors that figure into anyone’s reaction but high on the list are the state of a person’s mind and heart.  In this show, we’ll talk to […]

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End of Life: What Happens to the Body?

As part of our quarterly series on end of life issues we take a look at what happens to the body after death.   (photo l-r: Mike Greenwood, Emma Hall, Kim Mooney)   When someone dies, there are many things […]

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