2020 State and Local Voting Results (Updated)

KGNU brings you a list of voting results including — top Colorado races, CU elections, state constitutional amendments, statewide propositions, the Boulder County Commissioners race as well as Boulder & Denver ballot measures. – Results below were calculated the afternoon […]

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Election 2020: Boulder Ballot Measures 2C and 2D

We host a debate on measures 2C and 2D which are measures on the Boulder ballot this year and pertain to the future of Boulder’s municipalization process. Speaking in favor of the measures is Angelique Espinoza and speaking against the […]

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Election 2020: Prop 113 – National Popular Vote

One of the state wide ballot measures facing voters in the state is Proposition 113 which asks voters to affirm a decision Colorado lawmakers made in 2019 to join the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. Voting no would repeal the law that […]

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