About the KGNU & Boulder Bookstore Radio Bookclub

KGNU is partners with the Boulder Bookstore for our radio bookclub.

Every month Arsen Kashkashian, head buyer at the Boulder Bookstore, selects a book to inspire the KGNU listening audience to read along together. Arsen and Maeve Conran, KGNU News Director, are then joined in studio by the author for a book discussion which airs on the 4th Thursday of the month at 9am.

A podcast only edition of the show is also available as Afterhours at the Radio Bookclub which includes bonus content with the author.

Arsen Kashkashian says participating in a bookclub is a great dynamic way for readers to enjoy a book.

“I think you read a book and it’s kind of a solitary experience and once you’ve read it and immersed yourself in this world, it’s great to have somebody to bounce ideas off of.”

Read about our bookclub in the Boulder Weekly:

“The real effectiveness of the program stems from the community aspect that links people together with a common goal. Like any book club, people from various backgrounds get together to dissect their interpretations of the work.”


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Coming Up on The Bookclub:

The August selection for the Radio Bookclub is Of Fathers and Fire by author Steven Wingate which tells the tale of Richie Thorpe and his ragtag band of ex-thieves.

When they arrive in Suborney, Colorado, Tommy Sandor is captivated by the group. But Tommy’s mother, Connie, grows frantic. She has been hiding the truth from her son, telling him that his father was a saxophonist from New York who never knew he had a son, when Tommy’s actual father is Richie Thorpe. Her desperation to protect her lie, her son, and their life begets a venom with an elemental power that threatens the whole town.


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