Connecting the Drops: Hemp – A Drought Tolerant Crop?

Hemp is taking the Colorado agriculture industry by storm and gaining a reputation as a highly valuable, supposedly drought tolerant cash crop. But is the plant […]

Connecting the Drops: Local Communities Exert Control Over Water Projects Through Permit Process

Multiple water projects in Colorado are battling a permitting process designed to increase local control over development projects. KGNU’s Hannah Leigh Myers brings us this report […]

Connecting the Drops: The Fork Not Taken

For most of the 19th-century dam construction was the dominant solution to water issues in the United States. But in 1990 the Environmental Protection Agency vetoed […]

Connecting The Drops: What Not To Flush

“There really are downstream consequences from putting things down your drain that … ultimately impact water quality in the (South Platte) river.”   Wastewater and municipal […]

Connecting the Drops – Climate Change Shortening the Ski Season

  A recent study found that a changing climate could cut the length of ski season in half in some parts of the US by 2050, […]

Connecting the Drops: Leaking Mines Polluting Colorado Water

It’s been over 3 years since the Animas River near Durango in Southern Colorado turned orange as a result of the release of toxic chemicals from […]

Connecting the Drops: Expanding Water Re-Use in Colorado

The American West is grappling with a water crisis.  The Colorado River Basin system is over allocated…that means more water is being drawn out of the […]

Connecting the Drops: Reusing Water – A Solution to Colorado’s Water Shortage?

Beer and wine made from purified wastewater are offering the public exposure to a type of water reuse with the potential to reshape water consumption in […]

Connecting The Drops: The Value of Local Rivers and Waterways

The management of water in the American West has historically lacked any consideration for the rivers themselves. This means that water was only considered of value […]

Connecting the Drops: St. Vrain Marks a Milestone in Colorado Flood Recovery

  Colorado’s water law is almost as old as the state itself, and since its inception, it has centered on the idea that water is most […]