Understanding Different Forms and Components of Grief

Nature, nurture, culture, family, life experiences, deaths, spiritual beliefs, collective traumas; every single thing in our lives contributes to how each being perceives, experiences and integrates grief.

How can we recognize grief when many of us don’t really understand what the word means? How do we live with something that seems impossible?

In this quarterly edition of Practically Dying, host Kim Mooney will unpack some of the misconceptions that stop us from holding one of the most difficult and complex birthrights we all have.

Guest is Thad Frye, who has a private practice in Boulder where he focuses on helping adult individuals address grief/loss, anxiety and elite sports performance. Thad is also a Certified Brainspotting Consultant and serves as the Director of Communications and Outreach for the local non-profit the Rocky Mountain Brainspotting Institute.


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