Tickets For CU Football’s First Preseason Scrimmage Have Already Sold Out

In a new “Coach Prime” aka Deion Sanders era, CU football hype is real. CU announced on Thursday that they have sold 45,000 tickets to the team’s pre-season game and were officially sold out.

CU’s pre-season scrimmage is part of the school’s “Black and Gold Day.” Historically, it includes drills for the offense and defense. Only about 1900 people showed up last year. This year’s sales for the game are more than the last nine spring games combined.

Demand for this game has been so high that the university is charging for attendance—something that the school hasn’t done since the 1980s. ESPN will also air the game nationally and, just a casual reminder, this team went one in 11 last year.

On this week’s Sport’s Talk, Jimmie talks about how the Spring Game is pulling numbers it never has before, and what it means for the university.


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