Boulder High Students Discuss Swatting, Lockdowns And Guns

Another apparent swatting call affected the school day at both Boulder High and Boulder Preparatory School Wednesday. Police say the call, which came into the CU Police dispatcher, matched the false report of an active shooting that came in last week. Police also responded to false reports about active shooters in Brighton, Colorado, and Lawrence, Kansas. In a communication to parents yesterday, BVSD indicated that it’s possible these types of calls may continue.

While some outlets use the words “hoax” or “prank” to describe these calls, the KGNU newsroom does not due to the very real psychological effects these swatting incidents have on students, teachers, parents, and school staff – as well as the community at large.

Wednesday’s police response at Boulder High happened to coincide with a field trip by students from that school to the KGNU studios.KGNU’s Shelley Schlender spoke with students from Mary Butler’s Introduction to Media Studies class including Mack Keegan, Hannah Newman, and Talia Herr.


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Produced By Alexis Kenyon