An Honest Conversation About Being Black In Boulder

Image by Alexis Kenyon via DALL•E 2

On this month’s Black Talk, host Michele Simpson speaks with Dr. Jazmyne Peters, an embedded therapist for the University of Colorado, Boulder’s (UCB) College of Arts and Sciences.

We will ask her to assess the mental health concerns and challenges of Black students on the UCB campus. Dr. Peters recently gave a talk titled: The Mental Health of Black Girls and The CU Boulder Community: An Embodied Approach to the Understanding of Intersectionality, Trauma, and Healing. Under the expert direction of Dr. Peters, we will learn how Black girls navigate a world that views them as hypersexual, loud, and needlessly combative.

And we take a deep dive into the invisibility/hyper-visibility of Black students at predominantly white institutions (PWI). Peters says if a black high school student asked her if they should attend CU Boulder, she would half to say, ‘no.’


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