Radio Nibbles: 100 Years of Sinkburgers and a Day for Pie

We are impressed when local restaurants last two or five years.

On today’s Radio Nibbles, John Lehndorff and Shannon Young celebrate eateries that have gone the distance including Ras Kassa’s Ethiopian Restaurant (35 years), Boulder’s original Walnut Cafe (40 years), The Sink (100 years) and Chautauqua Dining Hall (125 years old.)

Local food news includes a reformulated Fat Tire Ale, opening and closing restaurants, beef-based artisan skin care, and a national appearance for a Boulder-born eatery.
Listen to the podcast to find out the dish John says is the most local plate of food he has eaten in a year and be sure to celebrate the Boulder-born holiday, National Pie Day, on Monday January 23.


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