More People Qualify For More Benefits This Year Through The Affordable Care Act’s State Insurance But The Deadline For (Most) Enrollment Is Jan. 15

This year four out of five Americans are eligible for Affordable Care Act health coverage for $10 or less a month thanks to increased subsidies in this year’s Inflation Reduction act.

About 11 million people have already signed up for 2023 coverage, about 13% more than last year, but nearly half of all insured adults have neither looked for information about the marketplace coverage nor tried to obtain it.

For that group, Laura Packard, a Denver-based healthcare advocate and founder of Healthcare Voices, says even if you don’t think you will qualify or can afford the plans, check it out anyway. A lot has changed and open enrollment closes on Sunday, January 15.

Alexis Kenyon Spoke with Packard to get a better understanding for this year’s deadlines and extended benefits.

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