Outsources – Queer affirming spaces with Good Judy Garage, and interview with Heidi Beedle

Host Elise Matatall processes some feelings about the Club Q tragedy, and shares interview responses from Faith Haug, co-owner of the queer and trans-affirming auto shop Good Judy Garage. Faith is also the organizer behind one major Gofundme for survivors.

There are several fundraisers including ones hosted by the Colorado Healing Fund and Bread & Roses Legal Services. Note: Faith was unable to provide an interview on air so her written responses were read by Kelsey Young. Elise also shares about past interviewees from Rainbow Cult and YouthSeen.

We also hear a clip from KGNU News Director, Shannon Young, interviewing Colorado Springs-based journalist Heidi Beedle.

Music credits: “YESS I’m a MESS” by Wheelchair Sports Camp, “Deep Down” by Stoney Bertz, “My New Shoes” by Wes Watkins, “All Caught Up” by Monalicious, “Look Up” by Joy Oladokun.