The Ethics Of Today’s College Sports Recruitment Industry

When most people think about college recruiting, they imagine coaches from top-tier teams scouring the nation for the best of the best. Today, the recruitment industry has transformed that narrative. This industry, which brings in tens of millions of dollars a year works more like a sales force charging high school athletes for a spot on the recruiting website and promises to share athlete contact info with coaches.

Few of these recruitment efforts lead to rewards, with only 7% of high school athletes getting spots on college teams. Even fewer can land a sports scholarship.

On this week’s A Public Affair, Sport’s Talk host Jimmie Searfoss and John Lehndorff of Radio Nibbles co-host KGNU’s new call-in sports show, Fairplay. Along with the chair of the University of Colorado’s philosophy department and sports philosophy professor, Garrett Bredeson, they discuss the ethics of the college sports recruitment industry that, according to some, turns student-athletes into products.


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