TRENDS Podcast: How Do We Prepare For A Changing Climate?

Severe weather effects like drought, heat waves, unseasonal fires, and high wind make climate change hard to ignore across the Front Range.

To talk about what actions Boulder County is taking to prepare for changing climate change and protect the most vulnerable populations, KGNU’s Rossana Longo Better speaks with Marina La Grave and Alejandro Murillo of Boulder County Office of Sustainability Climate Action and Resilience (OSCAR).

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The TRENDS podcast is a collaboration between the Community Foundation of Boulder County and KGNU. It dives deep into the community’s most pressing issues and explores the changes happening throughout Boulder County through the experiences of community members, especially those often rendered invisible by commercial media, to shed light on community challenges, solutions, and pathways forward for the county and the country.


The TRENDS Podcast series is made possible with support from the KGNU Listener-Members and the Community Foundation of Boulder County.