A Deep Dive Into CU Exhibit-Sensing Ice, Explorations Of Knowing Nature

After he graduated, Chris Dunn, who has his environmental science Ph.D. from CU, went to the Arctic to study glaciers, one of his passions. When Dunn got back to Boulder, he turned his trip into a multimedia exhibit. 

Sensing Ice, Explorations Of Knowing Nature is currently showing at CU’s Earth and Map Science Library. The exhibit features photographs taken by Dunn and a music accompaniment by Alaskan composer, Matthew Burtner who recorded sounds on sight with the glaciers. 

The exhibit features glaciers from Greenland and Iceland, their movement, and according to Dunn, is an exploration of humanity and the world we inhabit. 

“The exhibit isn’t about climate change”, Dunn said. “It’s about the human relationship with nature.” 

While Sensing Ice does feature sounds of glaciers melting at a fast rate, the message behind Dunn’s piece is one of awe that these natural entities exist more than education.

To hear an interview along with sounds from the exhibit, listen here: 

(Download Audio)

Music Credit: Matthew Burtner, Sonic Physiography of a Time-stretched Glacier

Original glacial sounds recorded by Chris Dunn,