Booktalk: UNMASKED. My Life Solving America’s Cold Cases

Colorado-based Paul Holes, author of UNMASKED, specializes in cold case and serial predator crimes. He began his career in the Contra Costa County (CA) Sheriff’s Office in California’s Bay Area.

He was part of the team that found the Golden State Killer, the most notorious and cunning serial predator in U.S. history.

His memoir of investigating America’s toughest cold cases and the rewards and toll of a life-solving crime also includes details of Laci Peterson’s murder and the kidnapping of Jaycee Lee Dugard.

He continues his work today applying innovative technology, including genetic genealogy, the key to identifying the Golden State Killer.

*Denver Book Signing. Paul Holes will be in person with Erica Kraus (“Tell Me Everything”) at 7 pm, Thursday, 5/12/22 at the Tattered Cover Bookstore, 2526 E Colfax Ave, Denver CO 80206.


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