A Public Affair: Surviving In The LBGTQ+ Community In 2022

Zander Oklar and Chris Sanchez are a queer couple. They have been together for three years and are both outspoken advocates for the human equity and equal rights of the LGBTQA+ community. Zander has lived in Colorado for the last 18 years, growing up in Littleton. He is the director of Aurora Pride and serves on the Board of Directors for Dragutante, a non-profit organization that provides children under the age of eighteen the opportunity to embrace themselves and their identity through drag and gender expression.

Chris has lived in Aurora for the last three years and dedicates his time to working with Aurora LGBTQ non-profits. Chris also works to help bring international students to the US to further their education. He is also a local small business owner of Verde Designs, specializing in custom craft and jewels.


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When Zander and Chris not serving their community, they enjoy playing with their 200+ houseplants and designing their own art and enjoying the outdoors. Zander and Chris happily live together in Aurora with their new puppy. Maya.

Zander and Chris sit down with Tish Beauford on “A Public Affair” to discuss their lives as a gay men, as a gay, interracial couple and the state of the political and social climate of the increasingly dangerous and surging platform of anti-LGBTQA+ legislation across the country and the impact that it is having on the LGBTQA+ community.