TRENDS Podcast: Voces Vivas An Exhibit In Honor of The Latino History of Resilience In Boulder County (Call in Show)

Voces Vivas, a new exhibit at the Museum of Boulder, opens Feb. 26  and explores the history of Latino families in Boulder County. Through an interactive display, the exhibit uses artifacts to document Latino lineage and the communities’ resilience in Boulder County.

KGNU’s Rossana Longo-Better spoke with Justine Vigil-Tapia, whose family came to Boulder County in the early 1900s, Linda Arroyo-Holmstrom, lead curator of the exhibit, and Lori Preston, Executive Director of the Museum of Boulder about the year-long exhibit.



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The TRENDS podcast is a collaboration between the Community Foundation of Boulder County and KGNU. It dives deep into the community’s most pressing issues and explores the changes happening throughout Boulder County through the experiences of community members, especially those often rendered invisible by commercial media, to shed light on community challenges, solutions, and pathways forward for the county and the country.


The TRENDS Podcast series is made possible with support from the KGNU Listener-Members and the Community Foundation for Boulder County.