Conflict Resolution: Conflict Help for the Holidays

Guest Barry Erdman spoke with hosts Linda Newell and Sam Fuqua for a live call-in on our quarterly conflict transformation show on December 16th.


Whether you’ve just celebrated Hannukah or are about to step into Christmas or Kwanza, etc., there’s probably some small (or large) part of you wondering about how to deal with conflict during the holidays. If so, we’ve got a great guest for you this month; Boulder psychotherapist Barry Erdman.

Whether it’s a conflict between you and others or an internal conflict going on, Barry can offer some expert advice. Have you been having thoughts like, “How can I be with them right now when we disagree on everything?” or “How do I figure out my boundaries for engaging with my family?” or “I really want to be with my family but don’t feel safe right now.” If so, this is a guest you won’t want to miss!

In his psychotherapy private practice, Barry Erdman (LCSW, DCSW) is a licensed clinical social worker who has helped adults, couples, and families in the Boulder area for 35 years. For over three decades, he has also been the lead coordinator and president of Interface Boulder, an educational non-profit for clergy and fellow therapists, exploring the interplay of spirituality and mental health. Barry has also been a clinical supervisor and community board leader with interests in alternative/transpersonal psychology, single parenting, and activism.