Headlines – November 3, 2021

Headlines November 3, 2021


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All Statewide Measures Fail

It was Election Day yesterday and unofficial results for many races are in. All three statewide ballot measures were defeated by about 10 points or more. Voters rejected Proposition 119, that would have increased the tax rate on recreational marijuana and used the new money to fund after-school programs and tutoring for underserved youth. Voters also rejected position 120 to reduce property tax rates across the state and Amendment 78, which would have changed the current process, allowing funds that the state receives not to go through the standard legislative process.

Boulder Election Results

In local races, as of early this morning, Mark Wallach, Tara Winer, Michael Christy, Matt Benjamin and Nicole Speer are leading in Boulder’s City Council race. It looks like Boulder voters won’t pass the Boulder Voters Rejecting Bedrooms Are for People Measure. Also trailing, about 58% of voters have voted against Question 300. Ballot Measure 302, that would require a vote on the annexation of the 308-acre CU South property, is also trailing.

 Denver Voters Approve Some Building Projects But Reject New National Western Complex Arena.

In unofficial results in Denver, voters have rejected a bond measure to build a 10,000-seat arena and renovate an existing structure on the National Western complex. While Mayor Michael Hancock urged support for the project, it faced grassroots opposition, which called the plans half-baked and pointed to studies showing it might never be profitable. 

The voters approved other projects, including Ballot Measure 2A to build new libraries and update the Botanic Gardens. Voters also approved funding for homeless shelters and housing (2B), transportation projects (2C) and parks (2D). In early results, voters did not repeal a group living ordinance (2F) that increases the number of unrelated adults who can live together to 5. They also voted against a measure that would have tightened the city’s camping ban (303).

Denver School Board Elections 

In Denver’s School Board elections, candidates backed by the teachers union were in the lead as of late last night. Chalkbeat Colorado reports that if those four candidates win, the Denver board would be the first in recent history in which the union would back all members.  

Aurora Unofficial Results Show Conservatives Winning In City Council Races

Conservative candidates appear to be taking the lead in most city council races including Aurora. However, The Sentinel reports that that’s not the case in school board elections for Arapahoe and Cherry Creek districts.

Longmont Mayor Race

The count for mayor of Longmont is quite close as of early this morning. The county clerk’s office showed that Tim Waters was leading Joan Peck by less than 1%. In the race for the Longmont council, incumbent Aren Rodriguez looks to have won another term as a council person at large, with Shaquita Yarborough holding a slim lead for the second at-large seat over Sean McCoy.

Colorado COVID-19 Infections Up, Governor Says Patience With Unvaccinated Wearing Thin

Colorado now has the fifth highest COVID-19 rate in the country. About 1 in 50 residents are contagious with the disease, and the number of hospitalizations is over 1,200, the most since December last year.
Governor Jared Polis said that the patience of most Coloradans is wearing thin about why they should have to continue wearing masks to protect the 20% of folks who haven’t been vaccinated. The Colorado Sun reports that the governor all but ruled out issuing a new statewide mask mandate to curb rising infections and hospitalizations.

Since July, the daily rate of infections in the state has grown about 600%, with about 2,600 new cases per day. Colorado has asked for emergency teams from the federal government to fill shortages in hospitals. The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment ordered hospitals to temporarily halt cosmetic surgeries. Some hospitals have delayed all non-emergency procedures.  

Boulder County Commissioners Approve Deal To Expand Gross Reservoir 

The Boulder County Commissioners unanimously approved a settlement with Denver Water that will allow the expansion of Gross Reservoir in the county. According to The Colorado Sun, the commissioners said they were heartsick over the destruction that the project will cause for neighbors and open lands.  County attorneys advised that because the existing damn as a hydroelectric generator,  federal laws preempt the county planning process. The attorneys said that the county would lose the pending suit filed by Denver alleging the county was delaying the process and Denver would withdraw its mitigation offer if the commissioners did not approve it. The commissioners took action after a $10 million mitigation deal was increased by $2.5 million to soften the impacts of construction. The Denver Water Board could approve the $12.5 million deal today.