Headlines – October 20, 2021

Headlines October 20, 2021


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Fire On Pearl

Flames tore through a condominium complex on Pearl street in Boulder early Tuesday morning. City officials say the first 911 call came in at around 3:30am and firefighters arrived on the scene 5 minutes later. The blaze damaged 81 units and took over two hours to contain. How the fire started remains under investigation. The fire department has not confirmed any injuries or deaths, however, as of last night, the whereabouts of three residents were unknown. Boulder Fire Chief Michael Calderazzo told attendees of Tuesday night’s city council meeting that firefighters had not thoroughly searched the affected complex because of structural damage. Vehicular access to Pearl between 23rd and Folsom remains restricted.

Tri-County Health Department Shrinks Again

Adam’s county announced yesterday it will leave the Tri-County Health Department. That makes Adams the second of three to abandon the agency after Douglas County’s decision to split last month. Douglas County’s departure came after the Tri-County board began to enforce masking and vaccination mandates. According to The Denver Post, Adams County’s announcement comes just a week after a report issued by a consulting firm saying that separating Adams and Arapahoe county health departments would cost both counties millions of dollars. Without Douglas and Adams, this likely signifies the end, at least in name, to what was once a large three county health department that served more than a million and a half people since 1948. Arapahoe county officials said in a statement, they were “saddened,” by the news.

El Paso Commissioners Say Healthcare Workers Don’t Need COVID Vaccination

El Paso County Commissioners proclaimed they oppose the state and federal COVID-19 vaccination mandate for health care employees. They say the vaccination mandates are making staffing shortages more severe according to the Colorado Springs Gazette. Right now they’ve reported local hospitals are treating 211 COVID patients. Across the state, 92 percent of ICU beds are in use. On Tuesday, about 12,000 employees across the state had opted out of getting vaccinated for “religious reasons.” While the state and federal mandates exempts employees for medical reasons, they do not accept religious exemptions.


Bobcat Sightings In Boulder

Bobcat sightings are up according to the Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. The Daily Camera reports that bobcat sightings have been pouring in thanks to increased access to cell phone and doorbell cameras. Staff at the Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center say bobcats may enter more visible spaces as they lose natural habitat. Reports of bobcats attacking humans are rare, though owners of small pets are advised to bring them inside at night. If you see a bobcat and want it to go away, waving your hands or making a loud noise should do the trick.