Headlines – October 12, 2021

Headlines October 12, 2021


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Tire Removed From Bull Elk’s Neck

Colorado wildlife officers removed a tire from the neck of a bull elk last weekend. The elk, seen traveling back and forth between Jefferson and Park counties, had been carrying the obstacle around its neck for at least two years. Wildlife officers first became aware of the elk from a July 2019 sighting. Officers were able to tranquilize the long sought-after bull who was with a herd of 40 elk near Pine Junction on Saturday evening. It was the fourth attempt by wildlife officers within a week.

According to a Colorado Parks and Wildlife news release, the officers were unable to cut the steel in the bead of the tire and resorted to cutting the bull’s antlers in order to free the animal from the tire. The officers estimate the bull dropped roughly 35 pounds based on tire, antler, and debris removal. Despite the bull carrying the tire around its neck for more than two years, the officers reported the bull was in good condition with some neck hair rubbed off and a small coin sized open wound examined.

Boulder King Soopers Suspect Evaluated As Incompetent To Stand Trial

The attorneys of the 22 year-old suspect, Ahmad Alissa, asked Boulder Chief Judge Igrid Bakke to have Alissa undergo an evaluation to determine whether he was capable of assisting in his own defense, which she granted. The Daily Camera reports that Ahmad Alissa is charged with 10 counts of first-degree murder, 47 counts of attempted first-degree murder, one count of first-degree assault, 10 counts of felony possession of a prohibited large capacity magazine, and 47 crime of violence sentence enhancers.

A motion filed last week, said that doctors concluded Alissa is not currently competent to stand trial because Alissa’s superficial responses to hypothetical legal situations indicated a passive approach to his defense and potential over reliance on his attorneys. After Judge Bakke granted the request for a second evaluation Alissa’s attorneys argued that a second evaluation was an attempt to fast-track the case and was not made in good faith. If a judge were to review the doctors’ findings and conclude that Alissa was in fact not competent to stand trial, the case would be placed on hold until Alissa could be restored to competency.

More Southwest Flights Cancelled Monday

Flight cancellations plaguing passengers of Southwest Airlines continued yesterday. According to the Denver Gazette, FlightAware, an online tracking service, reported 363 Southwest Airlines flights had been canceled nationwide as of 1pm Monday. 43 flights were cancelled out of Denver International Airport. Over the weekend, more than 200 DIA flights were disrupted by cancellations or delays. Flight cancellations and disruptions began nationwide on Friday after the Southwest Airlines Pilot Association filed a request for an immediate hearing in federal court over the airline’s recent vaccine mandate against COVID-19.The union has denied reports that pilots are conducting a walkout or slowdown in protest of the mandate. Company officials have reported the airline was staffed for the weekend but experienced air-traffic control issues and bad weather in Florida and could not recover quickly due to fewer flights and pandemic cutbacks.

Counsel For Congressional Redistricting Commission Replies To Colorado Supreme Court

Counsel for the Colorado Independent Congressional Redistricting Commission submitted a reply brief yesterday to the Colorado Supreme Court in support of the commission’s final redistricting plan.  The final plan was favored by 11 of the 12 commission members last month.  Live-streamed oral arguments begin today at 1pm before the Colorado Supreme Court, which will determine if the commission’s final plan meets the criteria set forth in the state’s constitution and requirements under federal law. The court will issue its opinion by November 1st.  The court’s schedule and all briefs submitted by organizations and individuals are available online at the Colorado Supreme Court website.