Booktalk: World Traveler Dylan Thuras’ “Gastro Obscura A Food Adventurer’s Guide”

Dylan Thuras is co-author of Gastro Obscura A Food Adventurer’s Guide and The Atlas Obscura Explorer’s Guide for the World’s Most Adventurous Kid. His newest food book has 500 entries that span all seven continents and fifty states. Complete with photographs and illustrations, it’s all about food that ranges from the Antarctica Base Stations’ often elegant cuisine for scientists to the largest Asian night market in North America at Richmond in British Columbia.

featured photo of Dylan Thuras, credit Timothy Shivers

Closer to home is Elvis’ favorite sandwich, the Fool’s Gold, created in a now-defunct restaurant in Denver. Story goes that Elvis once flew from Graceland to Denver with friends on his Boeing 727 private jet back in the day just so they could share his cross-country indulgence.  Look for the Fool’s Gold today at Nick’s Café in Golden, Colorado.

The kid’s book is an illustrated guide to 100 mysterious wonders, both natural and manmade, in 47 countries and on every continent.

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