Headlines September 1, 2021

Headlines September 1, 2021

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Boulder Health Recommends Third Vaccine for Immunocompromised and Other COVID-19 Updates

Boulder County Health Department announced this week that all clinics in Boulder may administer third doses of the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines for immunocompromised people. Immunocompromised patients can get the vaccine at Boulder County Health as well as a number of other locations across Boulder County. Vaccine providers will not require ID, or proof of medical history.

For those who received their vaccine more than 8 months ago, people may be able to get a booster shot as soon as September 20th. The CDC says vaccinated individuals are about 80% less likely to get severe COVID, even if they’re exposed to the Delta Variant.

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment estimates COVID hospitalization rates are seven times higher for unvaccinated patients. About 75% of Colorado adults have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. Coverage is lower among teens, with 55% of those ages 12 to 17 getting at least one shot.

Longmont Will Spray Mosquito Hotzones

The city of Longmont will spray neighborhoods for mosquitos that may carry West Nile Virus tomorrow evening. The spray will target what the city calls mosquito “hotzones” and will happen between 7 p.m. and 11 p.m.

Because of unusual rainfall this year, mosquitoes have proliferated in Colorado. Out of 114 samples, Boulder county recorded 5 mosquitos carrying the West Nile Virus. Across the state, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment has reported 15 human cases of West Nile Virus this year. Three of those cases originated in Longmont trapping areas and seven which required hospitalization.

While most people recover fully from West Nile Virus, a report released by the Tricounty Health Department, found about 1 in 150 people develop severe symptoms that affect the central nervous system. More common symptoms include headaches, body aches, joint pains, vomiting, diarrhea and rash.

BLM plans Wild Mustang Roundup Despite Protest

The Federal Government plans to round up about 800 wild horses next week in San Wash Basin, a 250-square mile piece of public land in North Western Colorado. In what it calls an “Emergency Roundup,” the Bureau of Land Management has been removing wild mustangs from public land across the country.

The BLM says because climate change is causing mega-droughts across the west, the horses are now “devastating” the land where they roam. Many have come out against the roundups including Colorado Governor Jared Polis. Critics argue the San Wash Basin roundup, which will take out about 80% of the wild mustangs, favor cattle who share the public lands.

In a letter, Polis questioned BLM’s argument that, because of drought, the horses don’t have enough food or water to survive. He also asked BLM to pause the roundup until they’d found a more humane way to control the size of the herd. He wrote in the letter, “There remain legitimate concerns about the fate of gathered horses, and I believe that better cooperation with the state and advocates could improve assurances about their long-term well-being and the avoidance of any potential slaughter.”

According to the Denver Post, an unnamed source said despite the letter, the BLM will continue the roundup as planned.

Renting Now Costs More than Buying in Denver

Denver used to be – until recently – one of the few cities left in the U.S. where, if you could afford the down payment on a house, it made sense to buy a home. That’s because on average,  homeowners paid less than renters in monthly mortgage payments.

A new monthly rental report from realtor.com says things have changed. Denver housing prices have gone up almost 20 percent in the last three months. Today, Denver renters pay on average just below $1900 a month. Homeowners now pay around $2,200 a month.