Booktalk: UC-Denver Professor Jennifer Reich’s “Calling the Shots: Why Parents Reject Vaccines”

“For over a decade, Jennifer Reich has been studying the phenomenon of vaccine refusal from the perspectives of parents who distrust vaccines and the corporations that make them, as well as the health care providers and policymakers who see them as essential to ensuring community health.

Reich reveals how parents who opt out of vaccinations see their decision: what they fear, what they hope to control, and what they believe is in their child’s best interest. Based on interviews with parents who fully reject vaccines as well as those who believe in “slow vax,” or altering the number of and time between vaccinations, the author provides a fascinating account of these parents’ points of view.” New York University Press.

It’s not often that a book published five years ago is more pertinent today. But University of Colorado Denver Professor Jennifer Reich’s  “Calling the Shots: Why Parents Reject Vaccines”  is that book because of the Covid-19 pandemic.


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