Booktalk: Neurologist Scott Small’s “Forgetting. The Benefits of Not Remembering”

“Small, director of Columbia University’s Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center, puts forgetting in a new light in his eye-opening and reassuring debut. While the standard view in science has been that forgetting is a malfunction of memory, Small makes a case that it ‘is not just normal but beneficial to our cognitive and creative abilities, to our emotional well-being, and even to societal health’…Small keeps things accessible with an easygoing prose and helpful diagrams, and his passion is undeniable. This smart survey will satisfy those curious about memory, or anxious about forgetting.” Publisher’s Weekly

Scott Small’s debut book is “Forgetting. The Benefits of Not Remembering.”  He is an expert on the memory losses of old age and Alzheimer’s. Now he introduces us to a third kind of forgetting. The normal one, the one that’s good for us and enhances our lives.

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