Xochitl ‘Sochi’ Gaytan on BIPOC Community Voter Education & Engagement

Xochitl ‘Sochi’ Gaytan is a devoted Denver and Colorado resident, public servant, organizer & community leader who currently serves as the volunteer Vice-Chair of Outreach with the Colorado Democratic Party, where she dedicates many hours to increase voter turn-out for local and general elections, especially with BIPOC communities. She also serves as the volunteer Co-Chair of the Colorado Latino Forum, Xochitl leads the board in focusing efforts on policy and legislation that directly increase the political, social, educational, and economic strength of the Latino community in Denver and surrounding metropolitan areas.

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Xochitl identifies as an Indigenous Latina/Mexican. She is fluent in Spanish and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from Metropolitan State University of Denver, with a minor in Spanish. She is also an advocate for public education, education inequities against BIPOC, dedicating time to her neighborhood and local politics directly affecting the Latino community. She recently transitioned out of a 5-year service as President of the Harvey Park Community Organization (HPCO) a registered neighborhood organization in southwest Denver.

As a small business owner, Xochitl began her career in real estate in 2001 and was the sole proprietor and manager throughout an entire 4-year market recession. During this time, she also worked in corporate America as a Project Coordinator in the construction and finance industry. She returned to residential real estate full-time in 2014.

Today, she continues to commit to guiding her clients toward reaching their dream of homeownership and providing valuable data and education to those in (BIPOC) communities. Her passion is to increase the number of Black/Indigenous/People of Color (BIPOC) that own real estate to help them build generational wealth. She strives to provide the highest level of personalized service and attention to the needs of her community clientele.

Xochitl is the wife of a devoted husband and they lived together in Southwest Denver with their two sons, the oldest in college and working full-time and the youngest in middle school.