Local Artist Paints “Portraits of A Toppled World”

An art show opening tonight in North Boulder paints a picture of people who made the news in the eventful last year and a half. KGNU’s Rossana Longo spoke with painter Susan Murphy at the NoBo Community Center ahead of her opening tonight.


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“I had no shortage of material every morning. I woke up during that incredibly chaotic year, there was a new headline. There was a new event, there was new material and I just put it down on canvas. This was a personal mission for me just keeping me sane during the pandemic. Being shuttered in my house without a mission – that was just not an option.” – Susan Murphy

The exhibit featuring 65 paintings opens July 2nd at 3pm and runs through July 13th. Murphy created an online platform auction called a Better World where the public can bet on painting or make donations.