OutSources: Addicted to Public Service: CO State Rep David Ortiz

On this Memorial Day when we remember those who died or were dramatically changed in service to this country, it seemed a good time to check in with the first CO State representative living with a physical disability to serve in our leigstrature who is also a proud veteran. 

Colorado State Representative David Ortiz shares his history and perspectives as a first generation Latino, bi-sexual, third generation service member who is living with a disability and serving Coloradoans focused on systemic change in many arenas. David shares his past as an aviator whose life changed dramatically after a helicopter crash in Afghanistan.

Addicted to service, he has successfully brought many intersectional issues to the fore during his campaign, election, and in the few months that he has served in the legislature. He shared his insights about current conflicts across the globe and our withdrawal from Afghanistan.  On this Memorial Day, he asks us to remember the families who lost a loved one in the service and ask them about them to keep their memory alive.