Headlines June 18, 2021

Headlines June 18, 2021

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US Supreme Court Upholds Affordable Care Act as Written

The US Supreme Court once again issued a ruling to uphold the Affordable Care Act, or ACA, as it is written. The latest challenge was brought by Texas and other Republican led states. Colorado was one of the states arguing in the ACA’s defense. The healthcare measure has benefitted an estimated 700 thousand Coloradans with with pre-existing conditions, like cancer or diabetes and another 400 thousand more because of the expansion of Medicaid. Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser said after the ruling that “During the past year, the COVID-19 health emergency has highlighted just how crucial access to health care is to Coloradans who faced health and financial hardships.” and that he is  committed to fighting for access to healthcare, lowering the price of prescription drugs, and supporting enhanced mental health treatment and service opportunities.”

Polis Signs Colorado Health Insurance Option Into Law

Yesterday Gov Jared Polis signed a bill known as the Colorado Health Insurance Option into law. Proponents say it will lower premiums, reduce out-of-pocket costs and improve health care access and equity across the state. In a press release from the Colorado Chapter of the Committee to Protect Health Care, Dr. Carlos Franco-Paredes, an infectious disease specialist in Denver said that by focusing on the needs of under-served, under-represented and rural communities, “the Colorado Option provides real financial savings for families and small businesses so they can afford to see a doctor, and protections for hospitals that disproportionately serve uninsured individuals and people who rely on Medicare and Medicaid.”

Loveland Hires Consulting Firm to Review Controversial Arrest of 73-Year-Old

The City of Loveland, CO has hired a consulting firm to carry out an independent review of actions taken by police during the June 2020 arrest of 73-year-old Karen Garner on shoplifting charges. In April, an attorney for the Garner family released a video from the arrest of Garner – who suffers from dementia. The video shows the Loveland police officer who carried out the arrest knew he had dislocated her shoulder – but no medical help was offered for six hours.

The consulting firm chosen by the city of Loveland is the same contracted by the Louisville Metro Police Department in the wake of the death of Breonna Taylor. According to the city government of Loveland, the firm provides assessments to dozens of other cities, institutions, and police departments throughout the country, including Denver and Boulder.

CU Regents Vote to Increase Tuition for Next Calendar Year

The CU Board of Regents has approved a measure to increase tuition next calendar year. According to budget plans discussed last night, the cost of attending CU Boulder will increase by $500 a year each year for the next three years. The CU budget is contingent upon approval by the state legislature.

Regents also voted last night against a measure that would have required all returning students to be vaccinated against COVID-19.