Looks Like New – Mutualist infrastructure: A conversation with Sara Horowitz

As the US federal government considers once-in-a-generation investments in infrastructure, is it possible to also enable a new commitment to a democratic economy? Sara Horowitz is the founder of the Freelancers Union and author of the new book Mutualism, which presents a powerful vision for “building the next economy from the ground up. In this conversation, we explore strategies for bringing the mutualist tradition of unions, cooperatives, and community ownership from the margins into the center of economic policy-making.

This conversation was co-sponsored by the Media Enterprise Design Lab at the University of Colorado Boulder and Zebras Unite.


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Each month, host Nathan Schneider and the Looks Like New team speaks with someone who works with technology in ways that challenge conventional narratives and dominant power structures. The name comes from the phrase “a philosophy so old that it looks like new,” repeated throughout the works of Peter Maurin, the French agrarian poet and co-founder of the Catholic Worker movement.

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