Booktalk: Jory Fleming’s “How to Be Human. An Autistic Man’s Guide to Life”

As a child, Jory Fleming was wracked by uncontrollable tantrums, had no tolerance for people, and couldn’t manage the outside world. Slightly more than a decade later, he was bound for England, selected to attend one of the world’s premier universities, Oxford University, on a Rhodes Scholarship.

Jory Fleming’s unconventional memoir is “How to Be Human. An Autistic Man’s Guide to Life.” This book was written through a series of conversations with writer Lyric Winik. 

The reader joins Jory and Lyric as they examine what it means to be human from topics ranging from rethinking emotion to autism and faith.

Jory now works at his undergrad college, the University of South Carolina, analyzing climate data.  In his spare time, he is an avid bird watcher, board game enthusiast, and Scottish country dancer.

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