OutSources – Kierra Johnson: National LGBTQ Task Force Exec Director leads the way

Meet the new National LGBTQ Task Force Executive Director, Kierra Johnson.

“When announced as the next Executive Director of the National LGBTQ Task Force, Kierra Johnson said, “Dignity, liberation, joy, freedom, love and resistance are just a few of the words that I associate with the National LGBTQ Task Force. As a bisexual/pansexual woman, I am no stranger to being made invisible, advised to tone down, or trained in the art of the code switch. As a queer southern mom, it is no surprise why I would be drawn to an organization that touts the tagline ‘Be You.’ In these cultural and political times, it is an act of resistance to live out loud and to lead and love with our full identities. As a bisexual Black woman, Johnson will become one of few out queer-identified women of color at the helm of a national LGBTQ organization.” (https://www.thetaskforce.org/ )

She gives us insight into her plans for the future of the oldest LGBTQ advocacy group in the nation. With years of experience as a national leader in reproductive rights, she explains how these issues are inextricably entwined with LGBTQ rights and how all key issues today involve LGBTQ people.  Kierra is championing the Equality Act and going after systemic change as leader at the Task Force.  Listen in to a fun, energetic, articulate woman who will lead us and others where we need to go.