Headlines April 20, 2021

Headlines April 20, 2021

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Colorado Governor Signs New Gun Laws

A month after the mass shooting at Boulder’s King Soopers, the Colorado Governor on Monday signed two gun bills – one addressing lost or stolen guns and another aimed at proper storage of guns. The two laws signed by Governor Jared Polis address unintentional child shootings, firearm suicide, and making sure that law enforcement can solve and reduce gun crime. Colorado State Bill HB 21-1106 requires people to secure their firearms when they’re not in use or face a Class 2 misdemeanor charge. The second bill, SB 21-078, mandates that lost or stolen firearms be reported to authorities within five days.

Boulder City Council Addresses Gun Violence With Resolution

Boulder City Council will vote on a resolution tonight that calls on Boulder’s state and federal representatives to pass legislation that could prevent mass shootings. Namely, that means advocating for an assault weapons ban. The resolution also addresses regulation of short-barreled firearms equipped with pistol braces and a waiting period of at least six days for firearm purchases. Boulder’s previously passed assault weapon has been struck by the courts but would not likely have prevented mass shooting at Boulder’s King Soopers because the gunman lived elsewhere and purchased the gun in another jurisdiction.

CDOT and MADD Discourage Driving on 4/20

Today is 4-20 – the unofficial holiday for marijuana consumers, and until legalized in Colorado – a time for gatherings across the state that attracted thousands of marijuana users to protest in civil disobedience by gathering in public to smoke at 4:20 pm. This year, the Colorado Department of Transportation and Mothers Against Drunk Driving have teamed-up to plead with Coloradans to not get behind the wheel of their car today. Colorado State Patrol says officers arrested 90% more drivers who were impaired by a combination of marijuana and alcohol compared to the year prior. CDOT and MADD said there was an 18% jump from 2019 to 2020 of people killed by a suspected impaired driver in Colorado.

El Paso Clinic Accused of Improper Vaccine Protocols

A clinic providing the COVID-19 vaccine in Colorado Springs has been reported as operating without proper temperature storage for vaccines or social distancing, as well as unmasked workers. According to the Associated Press, the violations occurred at the El Paso County clinic – Dr. Moma Health Wellness. The AP reports that the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment stopped vaccinations at the clinic after nearly 4,000 people got one or more dose of Pfizer or Moderna at the facility. Employees with the El Paso public health department visited the clinic on April 9 after receiving phone calls and emails with concerns and complaints about the clinic and the vaccines administered there.