Aurora Councilman Juan Marcano Discusses Systematic Racism & the Pandemic

Aurora Councilman Juan Marcano sits down with KGNU host Tish Beauford for A Public Affair to touch on a variety of issues including this country’s heightened and intensified battle of systematic racism and the hate exacerbated by extremists over the past four years. We will unpack the consequential verdict in the George Floyd trial and what it means for the state of policing for people of color in this country going forward.

We will also discuss the socioeconomic effects of this past year’s pandemic in the City of Aurora and how Ward IV is facilitating collective partnerships with local politicians, businesses, and medical facilities to create more accessible COVID-19 vaccinations locations to help the citizens of Aurora get vaccinated and begin the process of transitioning and safely emerging back to normal day to day life.


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Juan Marcano Bio:

Juan Marcano is the councilman for the City of Aurora representing Ward IV. He is a 5-year resident of Aurora, community activist, husband, and proud cat dad. He was elected to office in 2019 and has served the residents of Ward IV for almost two years. He also serves as Chair and Vice Chair of several Council Policy Committees. He is the Chair of Transportation, Airports & Public Works and Vice Chair for Management & Finance, Member & Public Relations, Communications, Tourism, Libraries, Boards & Commissions and Citizens Groups. He previously worked in the private sector as a BIM Manager and architectural designer for several architecture and engineering services firms in Colorado and Texas.