Primitive Beer owners Lisa and Brandon Boldt are making a difference locally. Photo by Stacey McMahan.

Dear TRENDS Diary,

As co-owners of a Longmont taproom, my husband and I have a modest platform to inspire people to make a difference in our community.
Before last year, we’d never heard of Beer Kulture, which uses donations to increase diversity, inclusion, and equity within the craft beverage space. Proceeds from our new collaborative [“kollab”] beer – Peach On A Beach – support Beer Kulture’s scholarship program to bring more people of color into the industry.
We’ve also partnered with Beer Kulture in the past to raise enough money to provide school supplies for Boulder County kids.

I’ve been doing a lot of reading on racism and anti-racism recently and becoming more aware of our privilege. Beer Kulture is for those of us who not only love beer but who also want to do good in the world.
As an industry, there’s a lot of talk about inclusivity. But we figured we can do better when it comes to putting our money where our hearts are.

Lisa Boldt, Co-Owner, Primitive Beer, as told to Sabine Kortals Stein


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