Radio Nibbles: A Simple Way to Improve your Meals

For the first Radio Nibbles of 2021, Sam Fuqua talks with John Lehndorff from his home kitchen in Louisville.

John focuses on one simple, easy thing you can do to improve your meals and eat the best food in 2021: Roast a whole unpeeled onion the next time you turn on your oven.

John details the advantages including that t makes the onion easy to peel, removes that harsh onion sting, adds nice caramelized flavors and produces ready to use onions for salads, stir fries and sandwiches.This approach can include whole potatoes, garlic, beets and other root vegetables on a pan or wrapped in foil. The same goes for your smoker, grill or even deep fryer. The outer onion peels can be used to make veggie stock.

If there is something you’d like Radio Nibbles to feature in 2021, let John know at You can listen to past Radio Nibbles episodes at and read. Be sure to check out John’s new Facebook group devoted to all things pie-related called Global Pie Society. To join, just ask.