Progressive Group Collects Signatures to Oust Colorado U.S. House Reps

From Pueblo to Durango to Grand Junction, there were rallies across Colorado over the weekend calling for the removal of President Donald Trump from office, and the resignation of Colorado’s newest 3rd District Congressional Representative, Lauren Boebert, as well as 5th District Representative Doug Lamborn.

Ian Silverii, the executive director of “Progress Now Colorado” says his group is gathering signatures on a letter and petition demanding that both representatives resign.

“In her first week when she took her oath of office to defend the U.S. from enemies both foreign and domestic, Boebert joined Trump in an attempt to overthrow the government,” charged Silverii.

Minutes before the attempted coup at the nation’s Capitol last Wednesday, Boebert delivered remarks on the House floor and objected to election results from the state of Arizona.

“The oath I took to defend the Constitution makes it necessary to object to this travesty,” said Boebert. “Madam Speaker, I have constituents outside this building right now – I promised my voters I would be their voice. I will not allow the people to be ignored. The members who stand here and accept the results of the coordinated, partisan effort by Democrats, where every fraudulent vote canceled out the vote of an honest American sided with the extremist left.”

Silverii says while some lawmakers struck a different tone after last Wednesday’s events, Boebert has doubled down.

“She’s not talking about safety and security or uniting the country,” said Silverii. “Instead she’s putting that task at the feet of Joe Biden and Democrats and supporting and encouraging people who were chanting, ‘Hang Mike Pence.’ She’s got to go.”

In addition to senators and legislators, Silverii says both Boulder and Denver City Council members have signed the letter calling for the resignations. He believes there are huge similarities between Boebert and the President.

“They’re not there to make policy, or make people’s lives better,” said Silverii. “This is performative partisan politics of ‘likes,’ ‘retreats,’ and attention.

On her January 6, 2021 Twitter feed, Boebert posted “Today is 1776,” although she later denounced the violence that had taken place at the Capitol.

Boebert has vowed to carry her Glock pistol when she is at work in the U.S. Capitol.

“This is the same week she posted an ad that said, ‘You’re safe with me,’ said Silverii. “But who was helping protect members of Congress when the violence broke out at the Capitol? Jason Crow (Colorado Representative District 6). Boebert was nowhere to be found.”

Silverii says the letter and petition are critical to demand accountability, but he’s not confident of success.

“Do I think Boebert is going to resign? No. But that doesn’t mean it’s not the right thing for her to do and we’re going tot keep demanding it.”