Black in Boulder

Black in Boulder is an online event in celebration of Martin Luther King Day featuring music, poetry, and an organic moderated conversation with a panel of Boulder’s Black residents. It takes place on Saturday, January 16, 2021, 5:00-6:30 pm.

We hear from two of the organizers, Norma Johnson and Michele D. Simpson, host of KGNU’s monthly show Black Talk.

For information and registration go to “Black in Boulder Event” on Facebook.

Black in Boulder will feature a multigenerational lineup of Black folks coming together to share their thoughts and feelings about living in Boulder while Black, past and present. In Boulder’s predominantly white community, the experiences of Black people differ significantly from white people. For various reasons and despite the challenges, some Black people leave, some stay and some go on to raise their families in Boulder. Sharing their experiences, panelists Annett James, Briannah Hill, Pedro Silva, Thomas Windham, and Cinque Mason will engage their stories and conversation, moderated by Michele D. Simpson.