TRENDS Diary: Working Remotely Creates a Bonding Experience for Boulder Company

TRENDS Diary, a project of the Community Foundation of Boulder County, is a place for Boulder County residents of all ages to share personal experiences that relate to a pressing community need. The focus, for now, is on our shared need to connect and solve problems, despite the increased isolation we’re all experiencing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Dear TRENDS Diary,

Stacy: Bonusly is a platform that allows employees to recognize their co-workers’ good work with bonuses in the form of points that can be redeemed for cash, gift cards, or donations to charity. Each company determines the value of their points. Lately, we have been promoting donating points to various organizations as they become relevant in the world. In the fall, we had a big push for Australian firefighters. Right now, it’s the World Health Organization. It’s been really popular.

Savannah: Bonusly has always recognized employees’ birthdays. Monthly, we would get together with everyone to celebrate. And on their actual birthday, the employee would get bonus points that everyone would add gifs and sweet messages to.

Savannah: Bonusly users have raised over $100,000 for the World Health Organization! We aim to live the values of our product and be a great model for positive work culture.

Even though the birthday bonuses were established, we wanted to figure out how to celebrate birthdays with everyone working remotely. We decided to get their favorite treats delivered.

Stacy: The process has become more inclusive because we can just as easily send treats from a local provider in New York or Seattle, where we have satellite offices, as we can from Boulder Baked to our Colorado-based employees.

Savannah: Because everyone is remote, we can and are gathering virtually. We’ll usually get together at least once a week for a social time. We have team lunches. We used to be separated but now we’re all getting to know one another more. Despite everything, working remotely has helped us be more intentional about co-worker relationships.

– Savannah Waggoner and Stacy Tumarkin