Radio Nibbles – What dining may look like in 2021.

On the final Radio Nibbles of 2020, John Lehndorff and Sam Fuqua talk about predictions for in dining, grocery shopping, cooking and nutrition in 2021.



2021 trends include:

– Meals prepared and eaten at home will continue to be the norm, along with meal kits from chefs, online ordering and delivery. In 2021, pie will be the new sourdough bread.

– Look for continued focus on culinary self-reliance: bread baking, pickling, fermenting, preserving, canning and gardening.

– In dining, take out, delivery, curbside and eating outside in yurts, bubbles, tents and ice fishing shelters will continue with a slow return to dining inside.

– Immunity boosting and inflammation fighting foods and diets will be big (think turmeric, zinc, ginger, green tea, CBD, mushroom extracts, pre- and probiotics and fermented products. Plant-based meats and seafood will continue growing.

– The food world will be forced in 20121 to move beyond marketing to solving larger issues including transparency, waste, food justice, hunger, regenerative agriculture and sustainability. Look for a new generation of chef culinary activists.

– Experts are looking for these to be big in 2021 but we have our doubts: fermented honey; Chicory root; Sudachi (Japanese citrus fruit); Habanada chile (heatless habanero); Wild maqui berry; Hōjicha (roasted green tea); Fonio; Sweet lime; Sazón (achiote, cumin, oregano, garlic, coriander, salt and pepper); yumberry; and huitlacoche.

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