Headlines December 4, 2020

Headlines December 4, 2020

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COVID Vaccines Enroute to Boulder County

Boulder County hospitals could receive doses of the coronavirus vaccine within ten days, a Boulder County Public Health spokesperson said Thursday. The agency was told by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment the vaccines could come on December 12. There was no indication how many vaccines are for hospital staff or how many doses the county will first receive. Adams, Arapahoe, Douglas and Larimer counties also are prepared to receive the vaccine between Dec. 11 and 14.

 Colorado Health Officials Fear More COVID Deaths Due to Holidays

Top Colorado health officials on Thursday released data projecting 2,000 or more COVID-19 deaths in Colorado by the end of this month, as holiday gatherings are expected to bring a stronger surge of cases and hospitalizations. The death projections for this month would nearly double Colorado’s current toll. As of Thursday, 2,708 Coloradans had died due to COVID-19, and there were 3,193 deaths reported among COVID-19 cases. Also, officials said there are around 300 incidences of individuals in the state who had a previous positive test and then tested positive again.

Weekly Coronavirus Updates Scheduled for Local Residents

Boulder County will provide residents weekly, virtual COVID-19 updates starting next Wednesday. Boulder County Public Health said the updates are designed to help the community feel more informed and give residents an opportunity to ask questions. The first update is scheduled for Wednesday, Dec. 9. It will include an overview of the coronavirus vaccine distribution plans for the state. The online meeting is set to begin about 3:40 p.m.

Many Colorado Skiers Will Skip the Slopes This Season

A survey by Boulder-based Magellan Strategies found that 18% of Colorado skiers and snowboarders were 100% sure that the season will shut down at some point because of the pandemic. Though the vast majority of respondents believe there’s a good chance that ski areas will be shut down at some point of the season.

The Denver Post reports that the 41-page survey involved 788 skiers.

They were also asked how confident they are in the ability of ski resorts to keep visitors and workers safe from the coronavirus, nearly one in five said they were not confident at all. But 69% felt confident or very confident that the resorts would keep everyone safe.

One opinion on the subject was they felt that the risk of getting Covid distracts from the overall experience of skiing. Another said that the number of people allowed on the slopes would not lead to a safe environment. A differing view said that the resorts should stay open because it’s important to the economy and our health. They also added that it is a freedom of choice for Americans.

New Regulations for Short-term Boulder County Rentals 

The Boulder County Commissioners County on Thursday approved updates to the county’s short-term rental regulations that require those operating short-term and vacation rentals to obtain licenses. Saying the process was broken and needs to be fixed, Commissioner Matt Jones and the other two commissioners voted unanimously. Approved were land-use code text amendments for both short-term dwelling rentals along with bed and breakfast establishments.

Denver Adds Second Temporary Homeless Encampment 

A second Denver sanctioned homeless encampment will soon open in the parking lot of a church in the Uptown neighborhood. The city’s Community Planning and Development Department said Thursday that it has issued a temporary zoning permit for the encampment at Denver Community Church. The city calls the sanctioned encampments “safe outdoor spaces,” or SOSs, are managed campsites to serve people experiencing homelessness during the pandemic. The first location to receive a permit was at First Baptist Church of Denver, in the Capitol Hill neighborhood. It will host up to 30 women and transgender individuals when it opens next week. The Uptown site will host as many as 40 men, women and pets when it opens, likely in mid-December, according to the Interfaith Alliance of Colorado. Neither SOS will house children.