Headlines December 1, 2020

Headlines December 1, 2020

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Coronavirus Hospitalizations Continue to Rise in Boulder

Data reported Monday by Boulder County Public Health shows 131 residents now hospitalized with COVID-19.

Statewide hospitalizations are above 1800.  The overall case numbers are going down in Boulder County.  But health officials say cases may rise again as a result of people gathering over Thanksgiving.

Special Session of State Legislature has Begun 

Colorado lawmakers began their special session on Monday.  The focus is a $328 million package of COVID-19 relief.

Proposals include help for small businesses, child care providers, renters and landlords among others.  The session comes, in part, as a response to the lack of action at the federal level on additional COVID assistance programs.

Some Republican lawmakers declined to wear masks at times despite protocols in place at the State Capitol requiring masks.

The legislature expects to conclude its business later this week.  They will convene again in early January for their regular 2021 session.

Longmont Residents to Weigh in on Proposed Costco Store

The package that Longmont city staff has negotiated is to attract Costco to build a 150,000 square feet store in Longmont. Tonight’s public hearings will be detailing the city’s deal with Costco and the current owners of the 17 acre Costco site.

The property is located in southeast Longmont, south of East Ken Pratt Blvd. On November 17 city council members unanimously voted their initial approval.

After this evening’s public hearing, council is to vote to give final approval for the project. The council meeting will be virtual starting at 7pm this evening.  For the public participation section, mayor Brian Bagley will announce when people can begin calling in.

The city’s incentives include the purchase of the property.  Its share of the costs of having the infrastructure in place for Costco to begin building the store along with other city expenses are estimated at more than $12 million.

The first-year sales tax revenue from a proposed Costco is estimated at around $4 million. Costco is projected to add 260 jobs with an average yearly wage of over $58,000.