A Conversation with Nicole Tschetter of the Denver Rescue Mission

As 2020 comes to a close, this is normally the time when most of us are preparing to celebrate the end of the year with our loved ones, family and friends. However, this year has been unlike any other that most of us have ever experienced in our lifetime. Our local communities here in Colorado, throughout the country and the rest of world have been gravely impacted by the catastrophic worldwide pandemic that has drastically effected millions of lives. There so many of our community brothers and sisters who are working middle class, working poor and indigent who are already home, health and financially deficient during normal times, but are now suffering even more hardship and poverty due to this international health crisis. The Denver Rescue Mission which has serviced people from all walks of life not only here in Colorado, but from all over the country during its 128 years of existence continues to serve in these extraordinarily difficult times. Nicole Tschetter from the Denver Rescue Mission joins Tish Beauford on “Public Affair” to discuss this historic mainstay of Colorado, how it has adjusted to serve the community with a variety of ongoing different types of support, services and programs during COVID-19.

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