OutSources – Post Election Impact on the LGBTQ Community

OutSources host Karen Raforth with guests Glenda Russell, Ph.D. and Daniel Ramos take a first look at the initial impact of the 2020 elections on the queer community. Dr. Russell is a recently retired psychologist who is devoting her time researching and writing on queer politics and queer history and is an occasional contributor to OutSources. Daniel Ramos recently completed ten years as the state-wide One Colorado Executive Director, a state-wide advocacy organization, and is currently in civic engagement systems.

We look at where we are, what happened, and where we are going starting with the big picture then touching on national, state-wide, and regional issues.  There are some surprising ideas to consider moving forward including exit polling, political and psychological interfaces, pipeline issues, intersectionality and much more to look out for in the very near future.

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