Headlines November 5, 2020

Headlines November 5, 2020

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State COVID-19 Outbreaks Continue Reaching Record Levels

Colorado is on track to set another record number of COVID-19 outbreaks this week.

The state health department reported 587 outbreaks Wednesday. That breaks the previous week’s record for the fourth week in a row.

An outbreak is defined as at least two cases linked to the same location or event.

The largest outbreaks are at universities, jails and prisons. These include  CU-Boulder with over 1800 cases, including 45 new cases this week and Colorado State University with almost 700 cases, including 112 new cases. The El Paso County jail reported 755 cases and the Van Cise-Simonet detention center in Denver reports almost 750 cases.

Boulder County Increases Restrictions Due to Spike in Virus Cases

Boulder County is moving to tighten restrictions due to a rapid rise in new COVID cases.

The county health department on Wednesday moved to what’s called High Risk Safer at Home Level Orange. That means new restrictions for businesses and a general recommendation to avoid all social gatherings if possible.

Personal gatherings are still limited to ten people from no more than two households. Masks and social distancing are required indoors and within six feet of others.

Businesses are now limited to 25% capacity or less depending on the size of their space. The new rules go into effect on Friday.

State data shows Boulder County reporting 312 COVID-19 cases per 100,000 people over the last two weeks. Level Orange restrictions kick in when there are 175 cases per 100,000.

In a statement, Boulder County Public Health Executive Director Jeff Zayach called this new more restrictive phase “devasting” and urged all residents to avoid social gatherings, wear a mask, practice social distancing and wash your hands.

For schools, Safer At Home Level Orange means remote, hybrid or limited in-person learning. Boulder County Public Health supports the current models in place in the Boulder Valley and St Vrain School Districts.

Private Security Companies Face Violations for Protestor Death

Two private security companies are facing municipal violations in Denver in connection to the fatal shooting of a protestor last month.

Denver police said Wednesday that Pinkerton and Isborn Security were cited for employing or directing an unlicensed security guard.

Matthew Dollof was providing security for channel 9News at an Oct. 10th protest when he shot and killed protestor Lee Keltner after an altercation. According to the Denver Post, Dollof was employed by Isborn Security which was a subcontractor for Pinkerton Security.

Longmont Voters Approved Ballot Two Municipal Ballot Questions

Ballot questions 3C and 3D received Longmont voters’ approval in Tuesday’s election.

3C allows the city to issue up to $80 million in bonds to finance upgrades to its drinking water supply, treatment, storage and distribution systems.

Longmont Councilwoman Marcia Martin feels that 3C is a more economical way to do the water work by doing it now and doing it right, and it could possibly be a job-creator.

Ballot question 3D also was approved. It is a home-rule charter amendment that would allow Longmont to lease city-owned property to other government, private-sector or nonprofit tenants for up to 30 years. This replaces a current 20-year city charter limit on such leases. The city council feels that the charter change helps Longmont to compete with other Boulder County municipalities for private investments in amenities to serve the public good.