We waste tons of food in our home kitchens impacting our environment, economy and health.

John Lehndorff from KGNU’s Radio Nibbles is bringing us weekly tips, practical ways for you to save flavor, save money, feed your neighbors and save the planet in your own home kitchen.

Tip #12: Leftovers:

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Our landfills are full of still edible restaurant leftovers, not to mention pasta, sourdough starter and lots of other good food.  

Instead, try this:

  • Beyond freezing take out leftovers, use tasty sauces to make another dish using a cooked protein.
  • Some leftovers can be tossed in a blender with broth and turned into thick tasty soup.
  • Rice can be fried with eggs to make breakfast.
  • Pasta can be added to soups or mac and cheese. Wrap any leftovers in pie dough and make dinner hand pies.
  • Mashers can become gnocchi and hash browns a frittata.
  • When you finish the jar of pickles, use the juice to make salad dressing or in cocktails.
  • The liquid in canned beans and vegetables can be added to soups.
  • Pour cold coffee into ice cube trays and freeze to make blender shakes.
  • Got too much sourdough starter. Add flour, salt and olive oil and seasonings, roll it out thin and bake briefly to make crackers.

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