Food Waste Tip #11 – Wine & Beer

We waste tons of food in our home kitchens impacting our environment, economy and health.

John Lehndorff from KGNU’s Radio Nibbles is bringing us weekly tips, practical ways for you to save flavor, save money, feed your neighbors and save the planet in your own home kitchen.

Tip #11: Wine & Beer:

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Our water treatment plants deal with an amazing amount of still useful beer and wine.

Instead, try this:

  • Use leftover flat beer to replace water in yeasted or sourdough breads, to oven-braise meats, in cheese fondues, beer can chicken and stews and to steam clams and mussels.
  • Use flat beer to make beer batter for fish and onion rings.
  • When it comes to wine, don’t waste the water it took to grow those grapes. Leftover wine can be repurposed to make sangria or wine spritzers, in vinegar, to deglaze pans after roasting meats and to add to sauces, marinades and salad dressings.
  • Poach under-ripe fruit in red wine and serve with ripened cheeses.
  • People don’t tend to pour spirits down the drain, but if you have extra fill a jar with overripe fruit, fill with liquor and allow to infuse for a month.

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